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Wuffyland Playdate : Sensory Time

One of the activities that we wanted to do routinely is make a class for the kids with various different themes. It can be just a playdate filled with various sensory games, gardening class, cooking class, crafting class, etc.

But sometimes still hindered by human resources because the current team has to share with the production team. We hope it can be routine in the future. So that it is just not a discourse and idea only, finally Wuffyland made a first class to feel about how to make a class. What kind of trouble that it takes. And all of the sudden we made a plan to provide a small playdate only with max. 10 people. The plan popped out less than 5 days from the playdate day.

We made a concept, prepared all of the needs, and blasting the information for the event on Friday (D-2). That’s very sudden right! But alhamdulillah, people’s enthusiasm is very good and the class is fully booked.

The event is very fun, starting with a short fairy tale, because most of the participants are below 2 years old, so it doesn’t have to be long. After that, we continue with playing what kids want. We gave them options.

  1. Save the animals that are buried in flour, so we can take the animals and wash it
  2. Playing water beads
  3. Move the corn with truck in to the container
  4. Pour the colored water
  5. Big pool that can be used to splash water.

Most parents come together, the father also wants to be involved and wants to be present to accompany the child. Although it made our place not too big to fill up faster. But we still salute. In the future, it might be a consideration for the number of companions to make it more conducive.

Facilitators from Wuffyland have also several points to accommodate mothers and children (the total facilities for yesterday’s event were only 3, so it was a bit overwhelming because when playing with water the food would be more ‘crowded’, even one of our team also entered the pool).

We also prepared a simple goodie bag containing toys and a cake in a box that we made ourselves + milk for the children. For parents, we only provide cakes in jars and the drinks are infused water that you can take yourself so there is not too much waste. So we really recommend bringing Tumblr from home.

Although we are aware that there are still many shortcomings for our inaugural event, it turns out that the feedback from the participants has touched us. They are all excited for the next playdate. So, when is it good?

Hello I am Ghea, founder of Wuffyland that falls in love with everything related to children's worlds. I am a mom who is still learning steps about parenting. Like to write, photography, and make handmade stuff.

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